The world is a busy place.  Between school, friends, family, relationships, and stress, it can be easy to lose yourself in the process of trying to balance life.  Most don’t realize how important it is to take time for yourself and love who you truly are.  Self-reflection can be done in a number of ways and can lead you down the path of a healthier lifestyle.Chelsea Crockett- loving yourself

Sometimes it can be hard to talk to people about deep issues, especially if you are trying to protect someone.  Keeping a personal journal is a great way to say whatever is on your mind without worrying about who hears it, being judged, or whether others will find out.  Another way to self-reflect is to drive to a beautiful place alone and just think.  When noise is at a minimum, you are able to sort out your thoughts more easily and come to a solid conclusion.  It’s also a great way to take a breather and enjoy the world.

My favorite way to self-reflect is through music.  Christian music, in particular, is a scape goat for my thoughts when I’m going through a rough time.  I love finding a song that relates to exactly what I’m going through.  It makes me feel like I’m not alone!

Never let the stress of life take over your mind.  If you take time for yourself, you’ll discover a happier you.