Do you moan and groan every time that 7a.m. alarm clock goes off for school?  I sure do!  If you’re like me, then you love to sleep in and cherish a dark, quiet room.  I’ve started to try to hate my mornings a little less.  Doing so actually makes your day easier!  Now this may sound impossible to you, but I promise it’s doable!  Follow these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to an easier morning!

            Natural light is one of the best alarm clocks there is!  Instead of sleeping with your blinds closed or a dark curtain, sleep with them open or opt for a sheer curtain.  The natural light, which will start to appear before your alarm goes off, will make it easier to wake up.  Since it’s harder to sleep in a bright room, your body will start to wake itself up on its own.  Another great way to wake up easier is to use citrus lotion or body gel.  Studies have shown that the smell of citrus in theChelsea Crockett- citrus body wash morning actually triggers the brain to wake up faster.  For your next morning shower, try an orange scented body wash!

            Delete that boring default alarm ring from your phone and apply one of your favorite songs to get your day going.  I mean, who doesn’t love waking up to the sound of Beyoncé’s voice? Last, have a positive attitude!  When you first wake up think of all the good things you have to look forward to that day.  Don’t stress about that honors history test.  Look past that and think positive!  Start your mornings off right…be happy!