Sometimes it’s easy to sit on the couch and eat an entire bag of potato chips; or what about that time you were craving sweets so you ate a whole roll of Oreos?  Our body craves what it can’t have.  Unfortunately, most of us take the simple route and give our body what it wants.  Usually this is the brain wanting that food, not the stomach.  So why does the body crave foods?  This is usually due to a lack of a certain vitamin, salt, or sugar.  Instead of grabbing that bag of cookies, check out this list of foods to satisfy your craving without being unhealthy.Chelsea Crockett- food pyramid

  • Chocolate:  Your body is lacking magnesium.  Instead, try nuts/seeds, veggies, or fruit.
  • Sugary Foods:  Your body may need carbon, sulphur, or phosphorus.  Try eating a food high in protein and/or vitamin D, like chicken or a cheese stick.  If you really need to satisfy that sweet tooth, aim for raisins or cranberries.  They have just the right amount of sweetness to kick that craving.
  • Carbs (Pasta, Bread): Your body needs nitrogen!  Go for any high protein food.  This includes any type of meat, beans, or nuts.
  • Oily Foods:  Start drinking your calcium!  Try drinking a glass of milk or enjoying a yogurt or cheese stick.
  • Salty Foods: Your body is lacking chloride and/or silicon.  For this craving, try fish or a handful or nuts.  Go for protein!

Next time you have a severe craving, remember these simple changes.  It takes 21 days to break a habit, so next time you go for that cookie, try dried fruit or a cheese stick.  Soon enough, those regular cravings will be cravings of the past!