Transitioning from winter to summer can be tough on our bodies.  Mother Nature can’t make up her mind, leaving us with a mix of cold and hot days.  Unfortunately, it becomes the prime time to be sick.  So what if you have a big event coming up or a vacation that you just can’t get sick for?!  No worries, there are plenty of ways to beat sickness.  Check it out!

            The most obvious ways not to get sick are to drink lots of water, get enough sleep at night, and stay away from sick people; but we already knew that, right?  I hope you’re doing those already!  For additional immune system support, exercising is the way to go!  It not only works your body, but it’s great for fighting away infection by strengthening the immune system.  Once you’re done with your workout, it’s time to load up on vitamin C!  This can be done in many ways: orange juice, Chelsea Crockett- working outvitamin C drink packets/vitamins, an orange, or even fruit snacks.  The vitamin C will start working right away.  Another way to fight infection is to stray away from toughing your face.  Your hands carry a lot of bacteria and by toughing places like your eyes and mouth, you’re more likely to get sick.

Staying away from sickness is easier than you’d think!  Next time you want to skip that morning workout or apply lip balm with your finger, remember…DON’T!