Unfortunately, stress is happening everywhere, all the time.  Whether it’s in your family, your friend group, school work, or in a relationship, stress can be hard to avoid.  Although it’s easy to come by, is it really worth our time?  Let’s investigate.

Think about that boy you were talking to at school.  You felt like things were going great, but he never seemed as interested as you did.  You constantly thought about what you were doing wrong, when in reality he wasn’t ready for a relationship.  Nothing you did was wrong, and yet, you spent sleepless nights stressing over it.  Is that guy really worth your happiness and time?Chelsea Crockett- Matthew 6 34

We spend hours a week worrying and stressing over things that may not even come true or weren’t even a problem in the first place.  Although it’s hard not to stress, keep it to a minimum and learn to move on quickly.  Life has too many amazing opportunities and caring people in it to worry about the people that aren’t worried about you.  Don’t give stress your time of day.  Instead, go for a run, have a long talk with friends, or do something to take your mind off the given situation.

Life is beautiful!  Kick stress to the curb, it isn’t worth your time!