The end of the school year is bittersweet. Everyone’s ready to escape from the long, tiring school days, but not before our much dreaded finals. Finals equal stress… so I thought I’d share a few of my secrets for coping with the end of the year stress!

First things first… come up with a plan that allows you to Chelsea Crockett - Finals Plannerprioritize what tests will be first and what exams will be the hardest.  Then take some time to think about how you will prepare.  Studying notes, writing out notecards, rereading chapters, reading over past tests, etc. can all be good ideas.  Plan for study time.  Write out times for studying on your calendar and then stick to the plan.  You’ll feel organized and ready to work.

Another tip is to set your room up for success.  We all feel better when our study area is cleaned up. It’s one less thing to worry about and gives us a feeling of accomplishment already.  It helps us to think more clearly knowing our space is decluttered.

Before you study, plan a work out like running or yoga.  Get those endorphins pumping!  Make yourself a smoothie or tea and hit the books!  You’ll already feel proud of yourself by your workout so your brain will be in a good place to conquer your studies.  If you have a ton of anxiety about your finals, it’s always good to look up some breathing techniques to help oxygen flow and calm your nerves.

Use summer as a motivation to ace your exams!

Good luck! – Chels