Calling all college students!  I am about to tell you something so mind blowing that you may need to take a seat.  Did you know that your student ID can get you discounts at a handful of stores?  Yes, that’s right!  You can get discounts at some of your favorite clothing and technology stores just by showing your ID!  Some fan favorite restaurants will even give you a free drink or percentage off your meal by proving you’re a student!Chelsea Crockett- student discounts

The term “poor college student” is pretty accurate and many franchises are aware of this.  Knowing that education comes at a price, they are willing to help out all students!  Although not all stores and restaurant offer discounts, be sure to ask next time you are about to purchase something.  You may be surprised!

This just goes to show that getting your education really does pay off.  Not only will you have a bright future ahead of you, but a few discounts along the way!