Big kids can have a blast in the spring and summer, too! Little kids can’t have all the fun! Here are some ways big kids can rock the warm months.

Use an inflatable boat as kiddie pool. That’s right, an inflatable boat! It is the perfect size for a teenager to sit it, and it is small enough that the water will stay warm and heat up really quick. When you are sunbathing on the lawn or by the pool, you can grab a book and hop in your personal pool.

chelsea crockett twoster

Inflatable twister. I seriously love this idea. Twister is already a blast, but when you blow it up and make it adult-sized, that makes it even better! This game is great for any teen party, and EVERYONE will want to join in! Twist away!

I am so excited to try these awesome ideas! Are you?Inflatable outdoor movie screen. This is a great idea for any summer or spring evening. Grab a group of friends, a great movie, a projector, and this cool movie screen! You can have the ultimate movie night! I cannot wait!

XOXO, Chels