Different bible studies and devotional plans are my favorite things to put into practice for my quiet times with God.  I love finding one that gives me the most refreshing quiet times where God directly speaks to me through it!  Here’s a 4 R’s devotional plan that I find extremely refreshing!

  • Read.  The first step is pretty self-explanatory.  Pick a passage or chapter of the Bible that you want to dive into, and read it a few times through.  Make sure you gain a full understanding of what you’re reading to get the most out of it!
  • Record.  This step requires picking out which verses speak to you or have greater importance than the others.  Write down the key verses or concepts of the passage.  Highlight your favorite verse and maybe even challenge yourself to memorize it!
  • Reflect.  This part is the easy step.  You can either spend time simply thinking about the passage and trying to gain a deeper understanding of what you wrote.  Or you can write down what you think each part of the passage means if writing things down is more your style! 🙂
  • Respond.  Now comes the application.  Take what you wrote down and think of how you can apply it to your life.  If the passage is about forgiveness, think of how you can be more forgiving in your daily life.  And again, write it down!

I hope you love this plan as much as I do!

XO – Chels