I’ve recently learned about a special project that is held locally where I live and after doing some research, I’ve found that it exists in other areas too!  It’s called the Cinderella Project. This is a program that collects dresses for under privileged girls for proms and special occasions.  Junior and senior girls are referred to the Cinderella Project by their high school counselors.  I thought I’d share with you a great organization that you can be a part of!

About five years ago, the Cinderella Project joined Seventeen Magazine through Donatemydress.org.  The website encourages girls to donate their prom dresses and special occasion dresses to girls that could really use them.  Local businesses and volunteers help to make this project a huge success. Chelsea Crockett - Cinderella Project Prom Dresses

The store is open to the special prom-goers to receive their gifted dress.  After they’ve made their selections, the store is open to the public and any girl can purchase a dress from $29-$39.  Our local boutique has had more than 1500 dresses in all sizes, shapes, and colors for girls to choose from.

Of course, a dress is awesome but the Cinderella Project doesn’t stop there.  The organization also gives custom alterations, hairdos, and borrowed jewelry for the evening! Every girl is sure to feel pampered and special for their big night out.  Be sure to google the Cinderella Project to see if you have one in your area.  If you do, let’s make a difference and donate some dresses!

XOXO, Chelsea