As thought by our grandparents, social media is the “route to all evil”.  Our generation is constantly on our phones or iPads, checking twitter and Facebook, and editing pictures for Instagram.  Although social media may be taking over the world, it isn’t all bad!

Social media is a great way to express yourself through photographs, thoughts, and ideas.  Some use it as an outlet to post their passion for photography or wise words!  It’s also a great way to Chelsea Crockett- social media proskeep in touch with people and raise awareness for multiple events/causes.  Facebook and Twitter have started becoming more and more inspirational.  Uplifting quotes from popular accounts and celebrities have been hitting the Twitter timeline more frequently and stories that give you faith in humanity again have started popping up all over Facebook timelines.

On the downside, social media has its negatives.  It has taken over the lives of teens all over the world.  It has also become a place to complain and vent about their lives or other people through Facebook statuses.  Unfortunately, it has also been a target for cyberbullying.  Making fun of how someone looks in their pictures has become a nationwide trend causing many teens physical and emotional harm.  If you’re going to use social media, use it to uplift, inspire, and show off your creativity.  Prove to the world who YOU are in a positive light!