Do you own a juicer?  The ultimate fad of juicing has rapidly expanded all across our nation with juice bars popping up everywhere and a juicer in almost every household.  Many claim that it’s the easiest way to lose weight or gain nutrients; but unfortunately, this is false!  It’s time to get our facts straight about the juicing phenomenon.Chelsea Crockett- juicer

  • When you juice, you actually lose out on most of the nutrients and benefits that whole fruits and vegetables have to offer. For example, when you juice an apple you lose most of that fiber inside of the apple. You only get the juice.
  • Juices are less filling than whole fruits and vegetables. You’ll actually end up consuming more when you juice or be left feeling hungry.
  • Juice cleanses can be dangerous for some people! During one of these cleanses, the body lacks fats and proteins to fuel your body. Many people may lack energy and find themselves uneasy.
  • Doing a juice cleanse will make you lose weight initially, but it will not keep it off in the long run. As soon as you start eating solid foods again, your body will store extra fat to make up for what it lost.

The moral to this story: eat your fruits and vegetables whole, don’t drink them!