Hey ladies! 

            Growing up comes with a lot of hard work, responsibilities, and expectations.  As us girls grow into adulthood and even our teenage years, we’re expected to be “prim and proper.”  Although we’re still young and shouldn’t grow up too fast, there are a few tips on becoming more lady-like but still acting our age.

  • Use Your Manners!  Saying please and thank you is a lessonChelsea Crockett - Lady Article that should be learned from a young age.  As we grow up, we can’t forgot our manners!  Being polite is a rule all girls and ladies should follow.
  • Respect Yourself!  Having respect for yourself is a must.  Don’t think you don’t deserve any respect for yourself, you do!  Dressing, speaking, and acting appropriately is something we should all consider doing.  Don’t degrade yourself for anything or anyone!
  • Present Yourself.  How you present yourself to the world is something we should all work on!  Sitting and walking upright is good, lady-like posture.  Using your manners at the table is also another good habit to take in. 

            These tips will also give you a little help on finding a good gentlemanWink!  Good luck ladies!

                                                            Love, Chelsea