Do you and your family get together on Easter? If so, I have a crazy fun family game idea. It involves paint, eggs, and canvas or a poster board! Sounds like fun to me! What you will need:

 Emptied eggshells

egg painting 112

  • Paint (preferably washable)
  • A canvas, or you could use poster board or paper

 Filling the eggs with paint is super easy, you can just save the shells of the eggs you eat. Rinse the shells out and put them the carton to dry. Now all you do is pour paint into the empty egg shells! You can use whatever colors you want. Set up a canvas or poster board in the grass and you can all take turns throwing paint filled eggs at it! It will look so cool when you are done, and you can let it dry and keep it to remember that Easter! Your family will have a blast throwing (and sometimes missing).

 This idea kind of reminds me of the scene in “Princess Diaries” when Mia and her mom are throwing darts at paint-filled balloons, am I right?

Get messy!

XOXO, Chels