I live in the Midwest, AKA the hottest, most humid place in the world!  It’s important that I stay cool during these crazy hot summer months.  It can become tricky once the thermometer hits 100 degrees, but nevertheless, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve!  Check out a few easy ways to cool off this summer!

  • Fruit is the perfect summer snack! Try freezing fruits like grapes and pineapple before taking them out with you in the sun. Each bite will be icy and help cool you off!Chelsea Crockett- frozen grapes
  • If you tend to get hot at night, try throwing your pillow case in the freezer for an hour or two before going to bed. This will help you beat the summer night sweats!
  • If you’re laying out, but don’t have a pool, bring a spray bottle outside with you! Fill the bottle with water and ice and spray it on your body for a quick cool down when the sun gets too hot!
  • Grab an ice cream cone or sno-cone with a group of friends!
  • Large amounts of blood flow through the neck which can be heated up. Try throwing a cold towel around your neck for a quick cool down.
  • Instead of taking your car to the car wash, wash it yourself outside! There’s nothing wrong with running through the hose to keep yourself cooled off as well!

Be sure to stay hydrated this summer!