I travel a lot, and I foresee a lot of travel in my future, especially with Nick at my side. We have our honeymoon coming up, so I felt inspired to share some of my travel tips with you.  Plus are coming up on spring and summer, and those are the times when most people travel. If you travel a lot or plan to in the future, there are a few useful packing tips that you NEED to know to make the process much simpler. These have really come in handy for me this past year because I have been on the road and in the air a lot!

  1. Use packing squares. These are zippered pouches that come in a variety of sizes and help you stay organized as you pack and unpack. I found mine on Amazon! I pack my pajamas and other comfy clothes in one square, my nice clothes in another, my toiletries in another, and keep going until I am all packed. They neatly stack in my suitcase, and when I am unpacking, I just take the squares and put them directly in the drawers where I am staying. It saves so much time because I don’t have to unpack and then re-pack at the end of my trip.
  2. Download all the apps. I download every single app that I think will be helpful beforehand, such as the hotel chain app and the airline app. That way I can check in to any flights ahead of time and get flight updates, and also check into my hotel.
  3. Take photos of important documents. I take photos of my ID, passport, boarding passes, and any other important documents just in case they get lost or stolen. I also send pictures of these documents to someone who is not traveling with me, in case they need to get me a new copy if they get lost or stolen while I am gone.
  4. Bring a padlock. If you are traveling internationally to another country, bring a small padlock with you to lock up your purse or backpack. Pickpockets are ruthless! Before you know it and without you noticing, your wallet and other important documents can be stolen in the blink of an eye. Lock your purse even when you are wearing it. You wouldn’t believe how sneaky people can be.
  5. Make things easy on yourself by using simple travel hacks. Store your phone charger and headphones in a glasses case to keep them from tangling and fraying. Store your bobby pins in an old tic tac container. Take an empty pill container and store your jewelry in the compartments. Clip a binder clip over the end of your razor to protect the blade and the things you pack from getting ruined by the blade.

Happy travels!