This topic may not be on your radar yet, but some day it just might be.  It’s time for me to start looking at universities to attend after high school!  Crazy, right? I can’t believe how quickly my high school years are flying by. College is a major decision, and most teenagers don’t even know where to begin!  I’ve been reading about how to choose a college that’s 100% right for me. So… I’m going to share some tips that might help guide you as well! Chelsea Crockett - Colleges

First and foremost, you’ll need to decide if you want to stay close to home, stay somewhat distanced, or go far away.  You also need to consider if you want to go to a big school with 40,000 students or a smaller campus around 1,500.  Then comes COST!  Obviously the price of a university matters greatly and can most of the time be the deal breaker. You’ll need to consider your ACT score, class rank, GPA, any service projects, and other things that will help when it comes to scholarships.

Other thoughts to consider are sports, Greek life, arts, cultural groups, and community service.  I’ll want to know what the extracurricular activities are at the university I choose.  Everyone tells me that the best way to decide is to narrow down my search by looking at the above items and then to make sure I go on at least five different college visits.  Make sure to keep an open mind at each visit and see which one has that special “feel” for you!

Let me know your thoughts if you’ve been through this process! XOXO, Chelsea