Travel season is here!  It’s time to pack your bags and hit the road… or airport!  There are places all over the U.S. that any of you would enjoy no matter what type of traveler you are.  Whether you like the beach, the city, or the mountains, here are my three top travel spots that are suitable for each kind of traveler!

For the paradise lovers and beach goers, Hawaii is the place for you!  It’s definitely the closest place that lets you feel like you are right in the Caribbean.  The water is so blue and clear, it’s beautiful!  One of the prettiest islands that is a must-see is Maui.  If your family is thinking of places to go this summer, don’t hesitate to suggest it.Chelsea Crockett- Hawaii

For the hikers and nature-lovers, Colorado is the place for you.  During the summer, the mountains are breathtaking.  You can hike, bike ride, paddleboard, horseback ride, and lots of other cool activities.  It’s definitely one of the most active states you’ll ever visit :).  Breckenridge and Colorado Springs are two popular cities there.  Both are lots of fun and absolutely gorgeous!

Lastly, for those of you who love big cities… New York, New York, New York!  I just got back from a trip there and I 100% fell in love!  There is never a dull moment in NYC.  There is always something to do no matter what the time or weather is.  One of the best parts of the city is the endless strips of stores and shops!  I really did shop till I dropped.

So whether you have saved up for a graduation trip, are taking a family vacay, or plan to put it on your bucket list, these places should be at the top of your consideration!

XO – Chelsea