As you all know, I’m big into the world of YouTube! Whether I’m watching beauty gurus or funny vloggers, I could be warped into them for hours upon hours. In the Crockett family, it’s not just me who’s ventured into the YouTube world. My parents have recently created a channel called Toy Star that has toy reviews for younger children or those who are kids at heart!Chelsea Crockett - Toy Star

Since toy reviews have gotten bigger and more popular online, my parents decided to make their own channel for reviews on certain Disney toys, PixarCars, Play-doh, etc. Most of the reviews are directed towards preschoolers and kindergarteners. Toy Star gives you reviews on toys you might be contemplating buying for maybe your little siblings, younger cousins, etc.! Or maybe you have a son or daughter that’s been wanting a certain toy and you want to know if it’s worth the buy! Check out their channel and you can decide for yourself! Click here to check it out and subscribe :).

P.S. Me being the beauty guru of the family, check out my mom’s nails in the videos as well :)! How cute are they?

XO – Chelsea