One of the most anticipated times of the seasons changing is for spring break to finally roll around. Most of us will be spending our days off making Netflix our best friend or catching up on some ZZZ’s. Others will be visiting relatives or traveling simply for the fun of it! Whenever I travel, I like to keep a list of must-haves and must-do’s before my trip. Here are some travel tips if you feel yourself getting stressed before your much needed vacay!

  • First off, I’m all about capturing the moment wherever I go. Most of the time, I just snap pics with my phone. But if I want to get a little fancy, I have to remember to bring a camera and all of its necessities! Remember to pack its charger (or batteries), and a clean memory card that will hold all of your photos.
  • Before I pack my suitcase, I always look up the weather in my destination. Make sure you’re prepared if you need a coat, swimsuit, shorts, etc.Chelsea Crockett - Packing
  • I always try to travel as light as possible, but being a girl that can’t always be the case. Before I pack my clothes into my suitcase, I lay out everything I’m taking. If I have way too much (oops!), I put away the shirts or pants I definitely don’t need until I can finally fit everything!
  • Sometimes when travelling over break you might miss a couple days of school, more or less. Before you take off, try to get all of your homework done and over with. No one likes to stress about homework when you could be relaxing on the beach (or wherever you’re headed)!

Enjoy these tips and enjoy your trip :)! – Chels