I’m sure you’ve been seeing this famous meme everywhere, “But first, coffee”.  Celebs and Instagramers alike have been captioning pics and sporting tees with the clever quote; and I don’t blame them, I love my coffee!  It’s so easy to hop in my car and grab a white chocolate mocha from Starbuck’s, but the crash I feel afterwards isn’t worth it.  The amount of sugar in one of those coffees completely overrides every health benefit coffee has.  Between boosting metabolism and lowering your chance at heart disease, it’s only right that we play off these benefits.  Check out how to enjoy your favorite drink by turning it into a health food!Chelsea Crockett- cinnamon and cocoa

  • Avoid sugar at all costs! If you can’t imagine your coffee without a hint of sweetness, try a dash of stevia.
  • Instead of heavy creamers for flavor, try adding cinnamon or cocoa to your coffee!
  • Do not use “fat-free” or “low-fat” creams. These are usually packed full of high fructose corn syrup to make up for lost taste. If you really need creamer, stick to the real stuff. 
  • Add a dash of skim milk for calcium.
  • Drink it black! This is the healthiest way to enjoy your coffee.

Hope you enjoy, Insiders!