Whether your closet is large or small, walk-in or a sliding door, it’s important to use your space wisely.  Too many teenagers find it easy to throw all of their clothes in their closet without actually folding them or hanging them up.  It can also be easy to throw all of your shoes in one big pile up!  I’ll confess I’m guilty of all of this!  Lately, I’ve been organizing my closet and have found it to be so much easier than I had imagined!  Check out my tips for utilizing your closet…the right way!Chelsea Crockett- color coded closet

  1. Command strips are your best friend. Hang them everywhere! They’re perfect for hanging purses, scarves, hats, etc.
  2. Find the right hangers and get rid of your old metal ones. Metal hangers make it easy for your clothes to constantly fall off. Try velvet hangers, or ones with arm slits. This way you won’t have to worry about fixing your clothes.
  3. Try grouping your clothes! Whether it’s by color or style, next time you’re looking for a specific shirt or dress, you’ll know right where it is!
  4. Slide your belt buckle over the top hook and hang for the perfect belt display!
  5. Try using dividers in your drawers to keep items like underwear, socks, and bras separate. Now you won’t be digging to find what you need!
  6. If you have a large gap or extra space in your closet, try throwing up a tension rod. This will add more space to hang clothes!

By trying a few of these tips, I promise…you will soon have a stress free closet!  Good luck organizing!