Working out isn’t for everyone. The thought of going on a long run or weight-lifting is enough to keep many on the couch. If those options don’t sound appealing to you, going on a long walk can be just as beneficial! While a normal walk doesn’t reap the same benefits as a run, there are a few ways to pump up your walk to burn even more calories! Follow these simple steps to a great walking workout.

  1. Pumping your arms at a fast pace will increase your speed and give your arms some cardio!
  2. Do one minute intervals of small, quick steps!
  3. Set a goal for each day’s work out and don’t stop until you reach it!
  4. If you’re hiking or on a grassy terrain, use poles to help build upper muscles.
  5. Make sure to keep your back straight! When your bones and muscles are aligned you can walk faster and torch more calories!
  6. Keep the same pace!
  7. To add strength training to your work out, stop every 5 minutes and do one minute of push-ups, squats, sit-ups, etc.

Now you don’t have any excuses not to work out! It’s time to get up and get moving!