Burning your skin can be tough to avoid when you spend endless hours of your summer out by the pool.  Of course, applying sunscreen can help, but there is always a chance of burning.  Although turning your skin red is not a good look, it’s also painful, can peel, and even cause cancer!  So what exactly happens when your sun burns?!Chelsea Crockett- sunscreen

When you lay out in the sun for too long, your DNA can actually get damaged.  Unlike a burn from the stove or a flat iron, sun burns can have a lasting effect.  A sun burn is a clear sign that UV radiation has damaged the skin.  Since your skin gets warmed up, blood rises to the top of the skin causing redness.  Once the redness starts to go away, your body reacts to the burn by peeling away the damaged cells.  Although new skin arrives, there lies a high chance of skin cancer.

When you’re out in the sun this summer, be smart and use sunscreen, a hat, or a cover-up to protect your skin.  Love your skin and have a wonderful summer!