As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although many people like to skip breakfast, it really is essential in waking you up and giving you energy!  Now I wouldn’t count a donut as good fuel, but there are specific foods that are perfect to get your day started off right.  Check out which foods you should keep in your kitchen to eat right when you wake up!Chelsea Crockett- bran cereal

Eating 30 minutes after you wake up is key for your metabolism. It’s the perfect time to digest food faster and burn off more calories as you consume the food.  Since your body is burning a larger amount of calories, it’s important to load up on carbs and protein first thing in the morning.  Grabbing a whole wheat piece of toast, eggs, and some fruit is an ideal breakfast.  Now, I understand many of us don’t have time to cook ourselves breakfast before school, so if you’re on the go, try Greek yogurt or bran cereal.  Greek yogurt is packed full of protein and even gives you a great amount of dairy.  Bran cereals are packed with fiber and B-vitamins which keep you fuller longer.  This way, you won’t find yourself day dreaming about lunch during class.

This school year, I challenge you not to skip breakfast! Your body craves a energy packed meal!