What to wear, what to wear… The thought we all have as soon as we get out of bed. Coming up with the perfect outfit can be exhausting, let alone extremely frustrating! There are too many times I don’t know what to wear to an event, whether it be a meeting in LA or simply dinner with friends. I use these nice little tips to resolve all your “what to wear” probs!

  • First off, evaluate the situation.Chelsea Crockett - What to Wear Is it a formal event? Casual? Too many times I sit in my room looking for something to wear before realizing I actually have no idea how I should even be dressing!
  • If the event you’re going to is well known, look up what people wore to the event in the past. You can easily search the event on Google images or possibly on Instagram or Twitter.
  • If you have a smartphone, make a group chat with anyone you know going to the same event you are! I do this ALL the time! This way you can brainstorm ideas by sending possible outfit pics and get your friends input.

Whatever tip you resort to, make sure your outfit shows your style and only yours! Don’t let certain opinions change the way you dress. Be yourself!

XOXO – Chelsea