Do you ever wonder how long it would take to work off something you have eaten? I sure do. As I am sippin on that Dunkin Donuts iced coffee I am thinking just how far I would have to run to work off its sugary goodness. I wonder the same thing about a lot of different foods. Well, wonder no more! Here is a handy dandy list of some of the foods we eat on a regular basis and what it would take to burn them off. Warning: the results may both surprise and scare you!

  • 1 glazed donut: 192 calories= 53 minutes of lunges
  • 1 M&M: 3.4 calories= walking the length of a football field
  • 1 slice of pepperoni pizza: 260 calories= 272 a row. Owchie.krispy-kreme-original-glazejpg-21498b2b6b5a9441
  • 1 can of Coke: 140 calories= 17 minutes of jogging outside
  • 1 medium fry: 380 calories= 55 minutes on a stair stepper machine
  • 1 18 ounce milkshake: 780 calories= 65 minutes on the treadmill going 6 mph
  • 2 pancakes & maple syrup: 402 calories= 40 minutes of swimming laps
  • 1 chocolate cupcake: 240 calories= 27 minutes of beach volleyball
  • 1 small theatre popcorn & butter: 630 calories= 135 minutes on the elliptical

Kind of eye-opening, right? I have to admit, though, that it is nice to know what I am getting myself into when I grab myself a glazed donut.. 53 minutes of lunges, that is what! I hope you found these comparisons interesting and keep them in mind just like I am. J

XOXO, Chels