Summer is the number one thing that can’t be complete without some good music. It sets the carefree, chill mood that all of us should be experiencing during our vacation! Everyone has their favorite artist or genre they like to jam to so here’s a little taste of mine :).

A new “on the rise” artist from the UK, George Ezra, has an album out that is absolutely perfect. It’s more laid-back music than dancing music but it’s nice for those relaxing summer nights! You’ve probably heard one of his songs “Budapest” on the radio which is his most popular song from the album Wanted On Voyage. Check it out :)!

If you’re a Pitch Perfect fan (which let’s be real who isn’t?), Chelsea Crockett - Pitch Perfect 2then what’s better to jam to than the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack! The movie was hilarious and the songs in it were just as good! Another album is the new Mumford & Sons album Wilder Mind. Of course you have to be into the folk sounding tunes of the tracks but I love them! Lastly, the new Zedd album will totally get you pumped-up for summer. It’s called True Colors and each song has just as much a catchy beat as the next!

What are you listening to while spending your days in the sun? Leave a comment below!

XO – Chelsea