I think we all can agree that Netflix is pretty great… but we use it for procrastinating way too much (at least I do!). But during the summer, when there’s endless hours of lying in bed, what’s to procrastinate? The only problem with Netflix is finding what show to spend those hours watching!

I can binge watch episodes of a show for hours (oops!), but when I finish a season I have a hard time picking a new show to watch! Know the feeling? Well if you’re into crime shows and mysteries Law & Order SVU is the only way to go. It’s super intense and has a new mysterious crime every episode! I’m pretty good at guessing who did it from the start :).

So I know I’ve gone on rants about Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill, but what about 90210?!Chelsea Crockett - Greys Anatomy If you like the other “chick flick” shows, then you’re sure to like this one. It basically follows the lives of a group of friends living the privileged life in West Beverly, hints the name of the show (it’s the Beverly Hills zip code!). It shows how their lives change going through high school, college, and so on.

Especially recently, you’ve probably heard all the buzz about Grey’s Anatomy, which is currently on TV! This show is ADDICTING. Not all seasons are on Netflix yet because it’s still on TV, but you can at least start!

Don’t forget to get outside and enjoy the fresh air in between episodes :).