I think we can all agree that, most of the time, working out with friends is more fun than working out alone. Not only is it more enjoyable, it is also good for your friendship! If you are looking to strengthen your bond with your BFF, working out together is a great way to do so! Here is why.

  1. You spend more time together: This is an obvious one. When you work out together, you are getting to spend time together and talk and bond while you sweat your booty off. Setting a workout schedule and having a routine with a friend means more time with them.FullSizeRender (10)
  2. You’re making a transformation together: You get to see your body transformations together and get to congratulate each other! You have been there from the beginning of one another’s fitness journey, so you are able to see her improvements and how her body has changed. Having someone there who recognizes your success and can celebrate with you is a huge encouragement, and knowing that she has been there for you since the beginning of your journey will make you feel so much closer to her!
  3. You’re being vulnerable together: Working out isn’t pretty. You sweat, you grunt, you make funny faces and funny noises. Having someone see you at your worst and most vulnerable can make you feel closer to them. They have seen you at your worst, and at your best, and they still love you!

So, next time you feel you need some girl time or some quality time with a friend, take them to the gym or on a bike ride with you. Your friendship will benefit, and so will your body!

XOXO, Chels