Relationships. One of the most confusing topics throughout our teenage years. They can be valued so highly that we often feel left out if were not in one. You might receive those dreadful statements such as “why don’t you have a boyfriend?” or “you haven’t dated anyone in a long time!” UGH. News flash: being single is perfectly okay! If you need some convincing, here are a few reasons.

  • Independence. Of course having someone to rely on is great but learning how to stand on your own is a good quality to have. If you know your worth, you can be strong and independent on your own.
  • Figuring out yourself. Being as young as we are, we’re still trying to figure ourselves out. Being in a relationship can alter the way you think whether you want to admit it or not. Learning to love yourself before loving someone else is a very important concept that most people ignore.
  • Less time-consuming. For teens, there isn’t enough time in the day. We have to juggle school on top of homework, sports, work, church, family, friends, etc. If you barely have enough time for yourself, then you won’t have enough time to devote to another person.
  • Less stress. Being in a relationship can be extremely stressful. Girls especially worry and overthink a lot. And the number one topic we do this over? Boys! Make sure you’re trusting and confident before getting into a committed relationship.

This being said, being single can get old at times! It’s nice to be in a relationship every once in a while as long as you’re ready. But just because you’re not in one doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! Enjoy the single life!

XOXO – Chelsea