The world is crazy beautiful. It contains the most gorgeous places full of diversity and cultures.  Getting to experience what the world has to offer is so important!  Some people may think “Why travel?”  But I think “Why not travel?”  If you get the chance, go out, explore, and soak in the world!Chelsea Crockett- cliffs of Greece

God did a pretty great job when creating nature. Between Niagara Falls, the Great Barrier Reef, and the cliffs of Greece, the world is full of never-ending sights!  Traveling is also so important when it comes to experiencing different cultures and meeting people from other countries.  It’s such an eye opener to see how other people live their lives.  See if your school offers opportunities for travel, like studying abroad or spring break trips!  Going on mission trips is also a great way to see the world and get to help people at the same time!

Always take advantage of any opportunity you have to travel. The world is so amazing!