Dances in the spring and fall can be easy to shop for. The weather’s still warm enough for open-toed shoes and jacketless ensembles. On the other hand, winter dances can be a little tricky. Should you get a short or long dress? Should it be sleeved or sleeveless? I’m here to answer your questions!

  • Short or long dress? Oftentimes, whether you wear a short or long will depend on how formal your winter dance is. Chelsea Crockett - Jacket and DressBut if you can go either or, I suggest a long dress or a short, sleeved dress! This way you can be a little warmer than if you wore a sleeveless, short dress.
  • Inside or outside pictures? Finding a place for pictures is always a struggle. For the cold weather, I definitely suggest finding a pretty place inside to take your pictures. This way you’re not miserable in the cold and you don’t have to worry about any wind, rain, or snow to ruin your night!
  • Jacket or no jacket? This goes back to whether your dress is sleeved or sleeveless. If your dress is sleeveless, then a jacket is a necessity. I suggest either a fancy pea coat or a short, nicer jacket or sweater.
  • Heels or booties? As far as shoes go, it’s up to you! Although it’s cold, heels are still fine to wear to your dance. If you’d rather have closed-toe shoes, buy a pair of heeled booties!

I hope I helped you solve any of your winter dance struggles! Hope you have a fun night :)!

XO – Chels