Studying is one of my least favorite things. Don’t you wish you could just go to sleep and wake up a genius? I have picked up a few really great study tactics over the years and just thought I would share them! Sometimes switching up your studying routine can really benefit you!

Have you ever heard that certain smells can trigger your memory? They say that your sense of smell is the strongest sense in your body. That is _6638836why researchers say that if you put on scented lotion before you study and continue smelling it as you study, and then put on that same lotion before you take your test, the smell can help you remember everything you studied! I tried this out and was surprised to see that it actually helped!

Do any of you stay up late the night before a test, and then study even more in the morning right before the exam? Researchers say that that is the worst thing you can do for your memory! Avoid studying 12 hours before the test. Why? Give your brain a break! If you are trying to cram all of that information into your head right before the test, you are less likely to remember it because your brain is tired! I kid you not! You should study a little bit each day before the test, and then give your brain a break the night and morning before your test.


I believe in you, my intellectual Insiders!

XOXO, Chels