Bored of your bedroom, but don’t have enough money or time to re-do the whole thing?  Try a DIY makeover!  There are so many fun and simple projects you can do alone, with your friends, or with your family to makeover your room.  With a few little tweaks, it can look like you have a brand new room.  Let’s get at it!Chelsea Crockett- bulletin board

One of my favorite things to have in my room is lots and lots of pictures!  So what do you do when you have hundreds of pictures and nowhere to put them?  Create a wall sized bulletin board!  You’ll need some help with this one.  Start with a large piece of thin, light wood, you can find this at any home improvements store.  Next, purchase multiple square blocks of thin bulletin board and cover each one with a different type of material that matches your bedroom.  Place each square on the light wood and hot glue them down.  Make them nice and sturdy!  Last, add a fun border, another item you can purchase for cheap at a home improvements store.  Hang it up on your wall and add as many pictures as you’d like with tacks.  All done!

An easier way to change up your room is to add light!  Lighting makes all the difference in a room.  Go to a resell-it-shop or garage sell and find old lamps.  Spray paint the base of each lamp and add a new shade.  It’s so simple.  Not only will your room be brighter, but it will be filled with colorful accessory lighting.

Have fun,