Because I am a YouTuber, I am on camera alllllll the time. There are a few rules that I always follow when I am on camera in order to look my best, and today I thought I would share them with you!FullSizeRender (18)

  1. Dress confidently: When you are on camera, you want to dress in a way that reflects your personality and in clothes that you are comfortable in. When you feel good about yourself, your viewers can tell!
  2. Posture: Sit up straight! If you slouch your viewers will think that you are uninterested and have lost your energy.
  3. Body language: This sort of goes with posture. Try not to talk with your hands and do anything that will distract your viewers.
  4. Smile with your eyes: You want people to know you are genuinely happy and sincere, and you can do that by smiling with your eyes! As they say, the eyes are the window to the soul.

I hope these tips can help out my on-camera Insiders!

XOXO, Chels