Hey Insiders,

As many of you know, I am a dog lover. I have two beautiful puppy dogs named Buster and Jolly. I am going to separate the blogs about my dogs into two separate posts, just so you all can get to know my canine companions a little better.


On Christmas Day 2008, my dad told us he had a surprise for us, and he drove us to the shelter. We were so excited! We had always wanted a dog. Almost immediately after walking in we saw a big beautiful Black Lab, we knew she was the one as soon as we saw her. My dad started calling out commands to her and she did them! He told her to sit, and to lay down. She had a little trouble with the “roll over” command, though. We named her Jolly because we got her on Christmas


She was 1.5 years old and the woman at the shelter said that Jolly had been living on the streets and was found on the side of the highway along with a group of puppies. Jolly is so obedient and shy – she is the sweetest dog ever, I don’t understand why someone didn’t want her.

She means the world to me, best dog a girl could ever have. Soon I’ll tell you about Buster!

Sweet Kiss  Chels