My life can get crazy at times.  Through my success with YouTube and social media, some may say I’ve been very lucky.  I mean, I’m only 16!  I realize that I am very lucky, but I prefer the word “blessed”.  Check out these two definitions:Chelsea Crockett- Blessed

Lucky: producing a good result by chance

Blessed: enjoying happiness; very welcomed, pleasured, and appreciated through a connection with God

By being a believer, God has blessed my life tremendously!  If it wasn’t for Him, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I do not think that my success has come from chance, but rather from the grace of God!  Every day I thank Him for all the opportunities that I have been presented with and will continue to do so.  Have you ever prayed to God about something that you really wanted/needed in your life and it came true?  That wasn’t luck.  It was a blessing from God!  Remember that the next time a blessing comes your way.  I challenge you to take the word “lucky” out of your vocabulary and switch it with the word “blessed”.  God will be smiling over you!


God bless Insiders!