I know many of you, including me, are going on vacation in the upcoming months.  Whether you’re driving or flying to your destination, you’re going to need something to keep you occupied!  Here are just a few ideas to save you from boredom while anxiously awaiting your arrival!

           Chelsea Crockett - Vacation Car As for me, I love listening to my favorite tunes.  Just popping in your headphones and relaxing in the car is always nice!  If you have a DVD player or laptop, bring a few of your favorite shows or movies.  That’ll quickly help pass the time!

            Another one of my favorite things to do on long trips is online shop! Some of my favorite online stores are romwe.com and sammydress.com. I also love to look on apps called Pinterest and Wanelo. They have everything from shoes and dresses to accessories and phone cases!

            For those who can’t access a smart phone or DVD player, I suggest bringing some of your favorite board or card games especially if you have siblings. Play against each other and make it fun! Having other people in the car to talk and laugh with can even occupy you for an hour or so! Also, bring a good book or magazine to pass some time. You might want to pack a few pillows and take a short catnap as well!  If you’re like me after a nap, I always wake up hungry! Be sure to pack a cooler or bag of your favorite drinks and snacks.

            Here are just a few of many possibilities to keep you occupied on your road trip. Enjoy!

                                                            Safe travels! – Chels