Maxi skirts are a clothing item that has been in style for a while and doesn’t have an end in sight. As spring comes in full swing and summer fast approaches, I reach for my maxi skirts. They are the perfect length to keep your legs sheltered on chilly spring mornings yet breezy enough to keep you cool during the early summer months! That being said, us short gals can have some issues when wearing long skirts, like them dragging on the ground, our feet getting caught on them BECAUSE they’re dragging on the ground, some make us look too short and wide, the list goes on. Tired of feeling this way, my petite ladies? Read on to find out how to make maxi skirts and dresses work for you!

  1. Hem it yourself: Hemming a skirt is pretty simple, and it is a cheap solution to a skirt that is too long but you love it. All you need is an iron, needle, thread, and a sewing machine if you don’t want to hem it by hand.2836c1bc55a457aaa2bacbec3ab39913
  2. Dry it: Toss it in the dryer to shrink it a bit, depending on the fabric. Be careful not to shrink it too much!
  3. Wear heels: This is the easiest solution of them all. Just wear a pair of heels with the long dress or skirt to keep it from dragging! It involves zero money spent and almost zero effort. Plus, it is super fun to pair different heels with your skirt to find the perfect match!
  4. Shop the kids section: Not only is it cheaper, it actually might fit you better!

Wearing maxi skirts and dresses IS possible, my petite pretties! Don’t let the haters tell you they’re not for you.

XOXO, Chels