Every color is important in a wardrobe, but the colors of the season are the real eye-catchers!  Each season has its own special colors that show up on the runway and end up in every store!  Here are the colors of the summer and how you can incorporate them in your wardrobe!Chelsea Crockett- sea form green bikini

It’s all about the ocean!  Called the “Aquamarine” trend on the runways, sea foam green and aqua blue are two of the brightest colors to hit stores this summer.  Try a fun sea foam green bikini or aqua blue maxi with gold accessories.  Also, ditch the tight dresses and opt for a flowy, princess-like dress.  Another one of my favorite color trends is classic navy blue.  Navy, denim blue isn’t just for your jeans anymore!  Try a navy blouse with dark shorts or maxi skirt for an all over classic look.  Surprisingly enough, navy can actually make you look tanner!  You can even try pairing it with nude or tan (another 2015 summer color).

With the Boho trend still on the rise, reddish brown has made a big comeback!  Try wearing it with an oversized tee, denim shorts, and leather booties.  It also looks great with a boho style dress or crochet top.  There are so many possibilities with these wonderful summer colors.  Comment below which one of these colors you’ll be rocking this summer!