I know for a fact that jeans will never go out of style.  They’re timeless and can be worn for almost any occasion.  The best part about jeans is that you can match them with pretty much anything!  There are three trendy jean styles that are making their way into the fashion world this fall that you should try rocking yourself!

  • Tasseled Ends.  Chelsea Crockett - Embroidered JeansI saw a pair of these when I was out shopping and I fell in love!  They usually cut off at the capri length and finish off with tasseled threads.  They’re so cute and perfect for a casual day out with friends!
  • Mom Jeans.  The 90s are back in action ladies!  Mom jeans are usually high waisted and can be rolled at the bottom to complete the look.  You can pair these with a retro top to really rock the 90s style!
  • Slit Hems.  If you want a pair of simple jeans that have a little twist to them, buy a pair of these!  They look like normal jeans until about halfway down your calf where the hems on the side split.  They’re super cute and allow you to switch it up!  (Look at the above picture for example!)
  • Embroidered Denim.  I love embroidered shirts and pants.  They’re both vintage and fashionable.  You can find jeans with embroidered flowers and other designs at certain boutiques or online!

Which look is your favorite?  Let me know below!  I think mine are the tasseled ends, how fun are those?!

XO – Chelsea