Thrifting is the perfect pastime.  It’s cheap, fun, and can bring out your creative side if you let it!  Many of your favorite looks can be recreated if you simply go to a thrift store with an open mind and a little creativity!  Here are 5 steps to master the art of thrifting. 🙂

  1. Be openminded. Chelsea Crockett - DIY High Waisted Shorts You will come across many interesting outfits, shirts, shoes, etc. (to say the least).  Maybe try on a few things that you think you’d never ever wear.  It may turn out to be your new favorite shirt!
  2. Be creative.  Think about how you can take one piece of clothing and turn it into a completely new creation.  There are so many DIY looks that you can create right in your room!  (If you don’t have a creative bone in your body, Pinterest is the perfect place to find some inspiration!)
  3. Think retro.  One of my favorite looks is DIY high waisted shorts.  Take a fun pair of mom jeans and cut them to the perfect length.  Roll the ends to create the perfect 70’s look like the picture on the right!  My friends and I have all done this and they’re so comfy!
  4. Go with friends.  Everything is more fun when you’re with your girls right?  Grab some of your friends and make a day out of it.  A second opinion always helps when shopping!
  5. Don’t go with a game plan.  If you go with a specific piece of clothing in mind, you might pass by tons of other things that may end up creating the perfect look!

What’s your go-to shop to go thrifting at?  Let me know below!

XOXO – Chelsea