Adidas has always been known as a sporty, workout brand offering lots of different exercise attire. Recently, people on Tumblr, Instagram, and other social medias have broadcasted the fashionable, street-style side of Adidas. Most either know one side or the other, so here’s a little insight on both sides of the brand!

Let’s start with the side Adidas is known for. Ever since 1949, Adidas has been creating workout and exercise clothing for decades. If you waChelsea Crockett - Adidasnt a pair of shoes, Adidas has anything from soccer to basketball to running shoes. As far as apparel goes, tanks, leggings, shorts, etc. are patterned and unique.

Considering the fashionable side of Adidas, the picture above and to the left are perfect examples of stylish Adidas attire! Retro sweatshirts, t-shirts, and especially jackets are the new trend. They even offer retro-styled shoes that are spreading throughout social media. Pacsun and other stores even sell shirts and other clothing with the Adidas logo, so check it out! This is a perfect example of “street style” which is comfy but trendy. (What’s better than that?)

Let me know below which side of the Adidas brand you like better!

XO – Chelsea