Hello Lovelies,

            Displaying your initials on just about everything is becoming very popular.  From jewelry to handbags, you can get almost anything monogrammed these days!  It’s a fashionable way to display your name or initials without being too overdone.  Check out these cute monogrammed ideasSmileChelsea Crockett- monograms

            A really pretty way to display your initials is around your neck.  Monogrammed necklaces are all the rage right now.  They are available in pretty, girly fonts and go great with any outfit!  You can order them in large or small pendants!  Another fun thing to get monogrammed is handbags.  Famous designers like Longchamp and Rebecca Minkoff have started offering monogrammed bags.  If you’re not willing to shell out a couple hundred for a handbag, check out websites like Etsy for alternative bags.  Etsy is a great website to check out for anything and everything monogrammed.  They’ve got pieces from jewelry to handbags to home decorations.  You may find monogrammed items at places in the mall like Forever21 and Francesca’s Collections.  Check it out and hop on the monogrammed trend!


Here’s some cute monogrammed items for you to check out!

http://tiny.cc/MonogrammedNecklace     http://tiny.cc/MonogrammedBracelet