I have mad respect for anyone who can pull off bangs. Like seriously, you were brave enough to try bangs, and they look great on you! My fear is that if I get bangs I am going to hate them and have to wait agonizingly long for them to grow back. Luckily there are wise people out there that know exactly what bangs look best for your face shape to save you the heartache of bad bangs. Here is a guide to which bangs are best for your face!

  1. Round: If you have a round-ish face, sideswept bangs are a great style to try out. Wearing long, layered bangs can help face_shapesoften your wider cheeks, and wearing trendy blunt, straight-across bangs can actually add some length to your face!
  2. Square: If you have this face shape, you are in good company! Heidi Klum has this shape. Longer, eye-grazing bangs that are thin and layered are best. Avoid super blunt, fringy bangs or you will appear to have a box-shaped face!
  3. Heart-shaped: Short, sideswept bangs work best for this shape! They help draw attention to your eyes.
  4. Oval: Gals with this shape are lucky! You can wear just about any bang shape. If you have thicker hair, fringy bangs are great, and if you have thinner hair face framing bangs are best.

Before you hop on the bang train, keep these shape suggestions in mind!

XOXO, Chels