How much do you wear belts? My guess is only when your pants need assistance staying on your tush. Your winter wardrobe this year is dependent on them! Belts, that is. You can build your outfit around them and use them to accessorize! You can also use them to shape your clothes to your body. Bold belts can transform a simple ensemble into a stylish outfit. Here are 3 ways to use belts in your wardrobe this winter!

  1. Double-sided buckle: I LOOOVE this trend. It is a fun, unique, Western version of your everyday belt. It has two buckles! My favorite way to wear this belt is to pair it with some black distressed jeans and a loose blouse that I can tuck into the front of my jeans to showcase the belt.e9f97e2d2b26910e30cd6e8cf5104abb
  2. Classic: You can’t go wrong with a simple leather belt. These babies go with pretty much anything. This season, I am wearing mine mostly with dark jeans and a light colored shirt for some cute contrast.
  3. Printed: This last option is the simplest of all. Wear a patterned belt, like leopard print, with a simple shirt and jeans for a simple but sassy outfit. If you want to wear a simple neutral sweater with jeans, wearing a printed belt takes your outfit to the next level.

Belt it up!

XOXO, Chels