Cardigans are a staple in every girl’s closet. We all have at least one or two! They come in all shapes and size, and in all prints and patterns! Some cardigans fit certain body types better than others, and some fit outfits better than others! Today we tackle the cardigan conundrum. Here is a guide to the do’s and dont’s of cardigans, including the best cardigan for your body type…and outfit!

  1. Your classic, waist-length cardigan: This is the most common cardigan of all. The “don’t” of these cardigans is NOT to wear them with long tops! The contrast in lengths is not crazy flattering. It can give your body a funky looking shape. DO wear them with fitted dresses, or high-waisted skirts or pants. The hem of the cardigan should not be more than a few inches longer than the waist band of your bottoms.images
  2. The oversized cardigan: Patterned oversized cardis can be hard to style sometimes. The “don’t” for this sweater is to wear loose-fitting pants or bottoms with it. It can make you look bulkey and wide, and I don’t think that is a look you’re going for. The DO is to wear skinny skinny skiiiiinny jeans or leggings. Staying slim on the bottom keeps the baggy top in balance!
  3. The wrap cardigan: I love wrap cardigans! They are a little less bulky and more fitted than the cardigans above, but are still drapey and flowy. Don’t wear wrap cardigans with loose bottoms like we mentioned above. The proportions may be off! DO wear these with classy jeans or pants that flatter your figure.

Cardigans are a classy way to stay warm in the winter!

XOXO, Chels