As it gets cooler outside, working out in the great outdoors becomes easier. During the summer I can barely stand to be outside more than 20 minutes, let alone exercising outside! One plus to cooler weather is that you get to wear adorable warm workout gear! Here are my chilly weather workout essentials.

  1. Cute thermal leggings: When I run outside in the fall and winter I have to make sure my legs stay warm. Even walking to the gym from my car is chilly! So, that is where adorable workout leggings come in. There are so many cool patterns and styles out there, and they come in a variety of lengths for whatever the weather requires!fullsizerender-58
  2. A cute workout hoodie: I love thin workout jackets that are still warm but do not weigh you down. If you are on a run or doing an outdoor workout, a lightweight hoodie is a must. You can easily take it off if you get warm and wrap it around your waist, but it is always a good idea to overdress in case it is cooler than you think out there!
  3. Adorable ear warmers: Some people may think wearing ear warmers makes them look silly, but they just haven’t found the right pair! Keeping your head warm will ensure the rest of your body stays warm, so keep those ears nice and cozy. Plus, they keep your hair out of your face!

I love cold weather workout gear, don’t you? Sometimes I wear it to school even when I am not going to work out. It is just too cozy to pass up! 😉

XOXO, Chels