Where I live, spring is an awkward time between winter and summer where it is cold in the mornings, and steamy in the evenings, so it is so hard to pick out what to wear! You don’t want to be cold in the morning, but you also don’t want to be hot in the afternoon. Here are a few winter to spring transitional outfits that I have found do the trick.

  1. Shorts and a sweater: Your legs may be a little chilly in the morning, but your arms and torso are nice and cozy. Then, in the afternoon, you can shed the sweater and be perfectly comfortable!
  2. Sundress and a jean jacket: Again, your legs may be a bit chilly in the morning, but come afternoon you will be sitting pretty. I love the look of pairing spring sundresses with jean jackets. It gives a casual feel to an otherwise dressy outfit.
  3. Skinnies and an oversized sweater: If you are totally against the idea of your legs being a bit chilly in the A.M., then grab your favorite pair of ripped jeans, a short-sleeved tee, and an oversized cardigan. Once the day warms up, shed the cardigan and you will still be stylin’.

What is your favorite spring ensemble?

XOXO, Chels